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Award winning pet care, training, and online store.

Located just outside Kippen in Stirlingshire, Barkmoral is a cohesion of luxury and practicality. Fully licenced and insured, Barkmoral offers ‘dog-centred’ home boarding with scientifically literate and first aid trained staff, a Professional Dog Trainer, and Master’s level Psychologist.


Committed to providing not only safe, fun, and homely boarding, but also to improving our client’s relationship with their dogs between stays, Barkmoral avidly pursues current literature, pet, and animal psychology seminars to ensure professional development is always improving quality of service. 

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About Barkmoral

Barkmoral was created to be a place where there are no worries of dog security or of safety, or if your family members would be knowledgeable enough to deal with your dog’s individuality while you are away.


With 10 acres of land and secure high dog fenced paddocks, dogs can safely play on and off lead during their stay. Importantly, dogs are never left unattended at Barkmoral and always access facilities through double-gated entrances.


Enrichment and mental stimulation are just as important as physical exercise and at Barkmoral your dog will receive game-based enjoyment as well as their countryside adventure walks. This allows the team to cater to all dogs inclusive of their age, size, and abilities. 


Our Facilities

Please click on the pictures below for more information on our facilities including:

  • Double gated entrance 

  • Secure high dog fenced play areas

  • 10 acres of fenced land

  • Access to thousands of acres of off-road adventure walks

  • Agility equipment

  • Quiet nap and dining rooms for each dog

  • Groom room

  • Enrichment areas

  • Adventure zones

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Come and Play

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Barkmoral, Wester Leckie, Kippen, Stirling, FK8 3JL

Telephone: 07400 716716      

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Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 6pm, Sat.: 10am - 6pm